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Stressed Out? 
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Stress Mgt.
I know this is a rough time right now everyone. Below are some resources that can support you and your families during this time. 
Parents Laid Off? Trouble Paying the Bills? Parents Undocumented? Need Food? 
Check out the resources below.
  1. Free Meals at Grab and Go Food Centers LAUSDThis is the way to get free food at various locations in L.A. Note: These centers provide food to anyone who shows up; no need for documentation.
  2. L.A. Food Bank Food Pantry Locator- Just type in your address to find a food bank with free food for you and your family.
  3. CalFresh- Apply for to get $ for food! The Pandemic EBT applications have closed but they have extended the program in California throughout the whole 2020-2021 school year.
  1. Rent Eviction Moratorium Extended until November 30, 2020- So you still can't be evicted (legally, anyway) for not paying rent... Here's the official LA City info on rent protections
  2. Does your family have a gas bill? If so, there is some help for paying that bill here: SoCalGas Cares Also, there is some access to help Paying Energy Bills in general. 
  3. Reduced Rates for Energy Bills with Edison- If you or a family member lost their job or are struggling to pay bills because of COVID, apply for a lower energy bill rate.
  4. Low-Cost Internet- type in your zip code and see if you qualify for low-cost Internet services. If you can't afford Internet, try this Free WiFi HotSpot Locator map to find free WiFi near you.
  5. Need to apply for Unemployment? Here's some info on that. It's a guide to help you get started.  "Undocumented workers are not eligible to receive unemployment insurance because they lack work authorization,"  from this Guide to COVID-19 for Immigrant Californians. (page 8) Here's the same guide in Spanish.
  1. Covid19 Los Angeles Community ResourcesThis list has a lot of different links in it with specific resources for L.A. Things like were to get free food, medical care, housing assistance, etc. 
  2. COVID-19 Resources for Community Members - If you need access to resources like food, housing, healthcare, support for the elderly, incarcerated individuals, and more, check this document.
  3. COVID-19 Referrals and Resources- This resource list was compiled by Kid-City.
Do you need to speak with Ms. Gonzales, our Psychiatric Social Worker? Check out her Virtual Office!
Gonzales Website
Students- Are you struggling to be productive and get your work done? Do you need inspiration and support? Check out the links below!
Thank you to Ms. McClean for alerting me to these resources. 
Stressed? Need some resources?
Self Care for Teens
Yoga for Teens
(20 minutes)
Deep Breathing Exercises
(6 minutes)
(5 minutes)
Seven Habits Effective Teens
(6 minutes)
Body Scan
(7 minutes)
Mental Health Resources
Mental Health Resources
Mental Health Support Group
And for your enjoyment.... READ ALOUDS by Ms. Hollis and Milo