Our Mission and Student Learner Outcomes

Ortho's Mission 
Orthopaedic Hospital Medical Magnet High School (OHMMHS) engages students in a rigorous curriculum focused on college and career readiness.
OHMMHS provides learning experiences that focus on the acquisition of academic knowledge for application to student inquiry, problem-solving, and evidence-based argumentation while also supporting learning experiences associated with the medical field.
High standards for behavior, responsibility, accountability, and community service are embedded in the instructional setting to develop the critical thinking and social skills necessary for transition into post-secondary pathways.

Ortho's Student Learner Outcomes (SLOs)


College Readiness
Students will demonstrate their ability to:

Think critically, creatively, and independently.
Effectively communicate ideas, original thinking,
and use evidence-based support for conclusions.
Use resources including technology and experiences from
the medical, biotechnology, and health related fields both inside and
outside the classroom to research, discover, and problem-solve.

Career Readiness

Students will demonstrate their ability to:
Work collaboratively toward defined outcomes and goals.
Effectively integrate skills of time management and organization of work
as well as behavioral expectations for accountability and timeliness.
Think independently and creatively to define problems and develop
solutions derived from medical/biotechnology/health field-related
activities inside and outside the classroom.

Social Responsibility

Students will demonstrate their ability to:
Use their knowledge, skills, and character to make positive contributions
through community service.
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