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Parents -
Did you get laid off? Trouble Paying the Bills? Undocumented? Need Food? 
Check out the resources below.
  1. L.A. Food Bank Food Pantry Locator- Just type in your address to find a food bank with free food for you and your family.
  2. CalFresh- Apply to get $ for food! 
  3. LA 211 Food Finder- use this resource to find food resources near you.
  1. Help for Renters!
  2. Housing and Tenant Protections.
  3. Does your family have a gas bill? If so, there is some help for paying that bill here: SoCalGas Cares. Here is some help with Paying Energy Bills in general. 
  4. Reduced Rates for Energy Bills with Edison- If you or a family member lost their job or are struggling to pay bills because of COVID, apply for a lower energy bill rate.
  5. Calworks- CalWORKs is a public assistance program that provides cash aid and services to eligible families that have a child(ren) in the home.
  6. Free Laptops and Internet- families with students in LAUSD get free Chromebooks and Internet service. 
  7. Low-Cost Internet- type in your zip code and see if you qualify for low-cost Internet services. If you can't afford Internet, try this Free WiFi HotSpot Locator map to find free WiFi near you.
  8. Need to apply for Unemployment? Here's some info on that. It's a guide to help you get started.  If you or a family member is an immigrant and looking for jobs, check out this Guide to COVID-19 for Immigrant Californians.
  9. Housing in LA County- search for housing.
  10. Family Source Centers- services to support low-income families.
  1. LA Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs, COVID-19 Info and Resources- More links to get help!
  2. Undocumented Workers' Employment Rights- It's important to know that workers have rights! And there are ways to get legal help. For more resources, go to Immigrants Rising: Tangible Support for Undocumented Communities During Covid-19- This list has a lot of different links in it. Scroll through it and check for the ones that may help your family. 
  3. Coalition for Humane Immigrant RightsThey have a helpline you can call and information on medical healthcare as well.
Resources from the Reading and Teens Parent Workshop!
Fall, 2022
Having books in your house makes students more empathetic and improves their literacy (and therefore, academic success)!
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Books in the Home article
Reading Fiction improves Empathy
We have free books for your house in the front foyer, right across from the main office! Feel free to ask Mx. Hollis, the teacher-librarian for more books!
It's hard to be a parent, especially during a pandemic.
Check out some resources below.
Parenting in a Pandemic by Betsy Brown Braun
Parenting in a Pandemic