The Library Club

Library Club
When do we meet?
The Library Club meets on Thursdays after school.
What do we do?
In The Library Club we:
  • take care of the library- checking out books, shelving books, creating displays, decorating for the holidays and making the library look nice. 
  • plan reading-related events and activities for the Ortho community (for example, we gave out free books to families at Back to School Night, made slime on Halloween, decorated Sugar Skulls for Dia de los Muertos and had a Bookmark Contest). 
  • go on field trips to local elementary schools to read to little kids (we went to 20th Street Elementary in March, 2022 and 10th Street Elementary in March, 2020 and we had a blast!).
  • play educational games like Boggle, Scrabble, Balderdash, Set and Blokus.
Why should I join? 
  • It's fun!
  • You meet new people! 
  • You get to talk about books and reading!
  • You get a voice in how the library looks and feels!
The Library Club had a great
Field Trip to 20th Street Elementary on April 27th, 2022!
We read to elementary students and facilitated a short activity with them!
Library Field Trip
Check out pics from the event below!
The Book Truck came to Ortho in March, 2022!
Library Club members volunteered to help advise students on which book to choose. All 9th grade students were able to choose one FREE book!
Look at the Winners of the Spring, 2022 Bookmark Contest!
bookmark winners
Look at the Winners of the Spring, 2020 Bookmark Contest!
Winners Bookmark contest
Halloween Slime!
Halloween Slime!