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Warm orange fire

Hissing in your ears, as the 

Waves crash into rocks.


-Haiku by Dayana Vasquez, 12th grade


Student Poem
-Anonymous 9th Grade Student, created with the Magnetic Poetry generator




Still I Remain

by Abida J. Chowdhury, 9th Grade


You may push me down onto the ground

And say my name in vain

You may pierce me with your eyes

But still, I remain


Does my strength frighten you?

I hold myself with poise

And never with shame

Like a tall wise tree

That gives out unlimited shade

Whether you bask in it or not

It is not my place to say


Does my misery bring you peace?

Are my cries your serenade?

It seems you know exactly 

How painful and bitter your words taste

My tears will not fall for pathetic masquerades

That indeed

Would simply be a waste


Does my pride hurt your ego?

Does it make you feel small?

For my power is enough

To make your skin crawl


You may drown me underwater

And slice me in my veins

You may bury me underground

But still I remain


I will break through the barriers 

You put me in

I will break through the box

With arms and fist raised in the wind 


Leaving behind self doubt and pain

Brighter days will shine through the rain

My aura is a shield 

Against all the hate

And in the end through it all

Still I remain



Appropriation Poem
"This is my visual appropriation poem. The message/ theme behind the poem is being a child has no age limit, allowing people to continue exploring the world."
-Stepheny Gomez, 12th Grade
The forest holds all
The birds' cacophonous songs
Chirp! Screech! Tweet! They sing
-Haiku by Natalia Diaz Cruz, 12th Grade


As we run through the rain, 

the raindrops fall on our faces.

I look over as you smile,

a smile that always brings butterflies within me.

I admire it and you whisper, “You are like the rain.”

I ask you what you meant by that. You chuckled.

“Your beauty is admired by most, 

you bring life in the darkest moments.

You are the light in the dark.” 


I am speechless. 


I hadn't thought I was the light in the dark- 

you had always been the light for me.


I hugged you tightly.

As the rain showered us, I hoped that you would never let go.


A hope, a dream, something far away


I looked up to the stars in the sky 

admiring the moon's beauty 

I gripped your sweater as it held all our memories together 

Your scent faintly bringing back the laughter

“What a beautiful night,” I said as the first droplet fell on my window,

your smile on my mind as I watched it roll down 

I look over at you, peaceful, sleeping on my screen 

I smile and whisper goodnight before ending our daily Night Call.


-by Anonymous 9th Grade Student


The setting sun glows
Rays of colors in the sky; 
Crashing waves wailing
-Haiku by Yamit Arechiga, 12th grade

White pebbles trinkled 

In the sparkling green river

Against mighty stones

- Haiku by Daisy Segundo, 12th grade




Check out the Visual Poetry Video below by 12th graders, Daisy Segundo, Sheyla Huesca, and Kevin Navarro

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