Teacher Projects

For your Artist Research Project for Ms. Bhamra's Art Class, see some helpful links below:

  1. Oxford Art Online- Provides info about various artists. You can access this through the LAUSD Digital Library.
  2. SmartHistory- This site is the official provider of art history for khanacademy.org, and they support the AP art history curriculum. It is organized by the different art periods so it will help you understand the art your artist made and analyze it better. They also have short videos to help you understand the art and time period. This is a great site to help you understand your artist’s cultural and political approach, as well as their art style.
  3. WikiArt- This is a great resource for art. You can search for various artists or browse by genre. When you get to a particular artist, you can see a lot of their artwork, a short bio and a link to the Wikipedia article about their life and work. (Yes, it’s okay to use Wikipedia!)
  4. Google Arts and Culture- This is an online platform through which the public can access high-resolution images of artworks housed in the initiative's partner museums. They have fun, interactive art activities to do online and lots of different ways to explore art and artists.
  5. Artnet- This website allows you to search for various artists. For each artist’s page, it shows that artist’s work, gives a brief biography, links to the dealers and art galleries that are exhibiting their work, and links to news and events about that artist.
  6. ArtCyclopedia- This website allows you to search for various artists. Once on your artist’s page, scroll down and you’ll see a long list of museums and art galleries that have that artist’s work. Go to that site to see their work and read more about them.
  7. Art History Resources- This is a compilation of websites from an Art History Professor.
  8. Smithsonian American Art Museum- If your artist is from the United States, you could search this website to find out more about them.
  9. Timeline of Art History- This website lets you search different parts of the world and then search by time period, showing various artworks over time in chronological order.

Resources for Mr. Brown’s Physics Classes:

    • Air Quality Management District Real-Time Air Pollution Maps- Real-time air quality information by census tract.
    • CalEnviroScreen Version 4.0- Displays neighborhood pollution by census tract. 
    • Los Angeles GeoHub- The GeoHub is the City's public platform for exploring, visualizing, and downloading location-based Open Data. You can also analyze and combine Open Data layers using maps, as well as develop new web and mobile applications. Can search for air pollution and walkability index scores.
    • Chasing Carbon Zero- 50 minute PBS Documentary published in 2023. The U.S. recently set an ambitious climate change goal: net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. And to achieve that, slash emissions in half by 2030. Is it possible? And what kind of technology would it take? Meet scientists and engineers who are convinced we can achieve carbon zero in time to avoid the biggest impacts of climate change. Only the trailer is available on YouTube, but accessible in Schoology → App DropDown → Clever → Proquest eLibrary → PBS → search “Chasing Carbon Zero” 
    • Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority 2023 Homelessness Census- This count of people experiencing homelessness for LA County is by service provider area (SPA), not census tract, but students are encountering a lot of people who may be experiencing homelessness on their commute, LAHSA is a good place to get data to support the observation.
    • Transit Center Equity Dashboard and TransitCenter is a foundation that works to secure a more just and sustainable future with abundant public transportation options. While the Equity Dashboard doesn't show access to middle or high schools, this map does show area access via transit to jobs, hospitals, colleges and universities, and other community resources. It's a good indicator of how well-served by transit a neighborhood is. 
    • WalkScore.com- NOT a government site, mostly used by real estate. Still, this site provides a useful rating for how walkable neighborhoods are, along with transit accessibility and other information.
    • Walkability Index- nationwide geographic data resource that ranks block groups according to their relative walkability
    • The Street Project-  a PBS Documentary from 2022. Worldwide, more than a million people die in traffic-related crashes each year. Half of those deaths are pedestrians and cyclists. The Street Project is an inspiring story about a movement to reclaim our largest public spaces, our streets. Accessible on YouTube as well as in Schoology → App DropDown → Clever → Proquest eLibrary → PBS → search “The Street Project”
    • HealthMap- a freely accessible, automated electronic information system for monitoring, organizing, and visualizing reports of global disease outbreaks according to geography, time, and infectious disease agent
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